We present our 2016 integrated report in its eleventh edition, where we highlight financial, environmental, social, and Corporate Government results corresponding the period from January 1st to December 2016 in Mexico, Central America and the United States.

For the first time, we started operating under our sustainability model, whose axis are: Planet, Society, Consumers, Enterprise and Corporate Government, reflecting the results of this implementation in the present document.

We have also included our new beliefs:

» We believe in a world of possibilities.
» We believe in a natural world.
» We believe in a integral world.
» We believe in a balanced world.

In these beliefs, we depict and transmit the importance that each group of interest has for us, and those material aspects deemed most important.

From these changes, and as part of the new corporate strategy, the 2016 inform was modified in the way we report environmental indicators to more practically visualize the advance accomplished through time.

This report was elaborated under the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), version G4, and independently verified by ILUNKA Sustainable Strategy.

We are also aligned to the Global Compact Principles and to the Sustainable Development Objectives established by the UN and to the Sustainability Index Principles, proposed by the Mexican Stock Market, through the methodology of Anahuac University.

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[G4-17, G4-18, G4-19, G4-20, G4-21]

We determined the content of the 2016 Yearly Integrated Report, taking into consideration the most relevant aspects for our Interest Groups and for the organization.

We start from the materiality study carried out in 2015, in which we detected the most relevant and significant aspects for our sustainability and then updated the study through interviews and conversation with key people in the Company.

We reported the same material topics as those of the year before, with the aim of informing our initiatives and advances in those areas, as well as our goals for 2017.

The materiality study consists on the following phases:


[G4-19, G4-20, G4-21]


  Coverage    Indicator
  Material Topic Interna External  
1 Handling and final disposition of residues X X G4-EN23,G4-EN27
2 Proceedings for the assessment and control of social and environmental risks X X G4-EN29,G4-EN31, G4-EN11
3 Regarding of the RSE rulings by the livestock breeders X   G4-EN32
4 Eco efficiency of water and energy consume X X G4-EN3,G4-EN4,
G4-EN9, G4-EN10,
5 Greenhouse effect gases (methane gas) resulting from production and distribution of the product X X  G4-EN19, G4-EN30
6 Social and economic benefits for the local community and minimize impact X X G4-SO1
7 Transparency, publicity and labeling of products and services X X G4-PR2,G4-PR3,
8 Product innovation X X G4-PR1
9 Collaborators’ wellbeing (internal, operational and field) X   G4-LA5
10 Collaborator’s training and development X   G4-LA9,G4-LA10,
11 Diversity and inclusion value X   G4-LA12
12 Suppliers regarding of the RSE regulations of the company X   G4-LA14
13 Responsible purchasing, fostering local economy of the small and medium businesses. X X G4-SO9
14 Ethical Behavior X   G4-SO4